ROTEC Measurement technology in automotive engineering

ROTEC the torsional vibration specialists. Vibration detection for engines

ROTEC measuring technology is used in the automotive sector, among others in the following application areas:

•    Control and secondary drive testing (timing belts, v-ribbed belts, timing chains, gears)
•    Gearbox tests for manual and automatic gearboxes
•    Examination of clutches, dual mass flywheels and torsional dampers
•    Valve drive analysis for determining stroke, speed, acceleration
•    Comprehensive measurements of complete vehicles (cars, lorries, buses,
      motorcycles, motor sports)


Our measuring technology is also used in mechanical engineering, for example for the:

•    Determination of transmission errors and tooth flank backlash in gear testing machines
•    Synchronisation of rollers and cylinders
•    Examination of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)

ROTEC measurement technology is also used in analyses for the design of gas and steam turbines or marine engines.

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Application samples with definition of measuring point, signal und sensors

Torsional Dampers

Inner ring (hub)Rot. Speed (rpm)Incremental encoder
Outer ring (rim)Rot. Speed (rpm)Laser with bar code
Rubber layerTemperaturePyrometer
Main Analyses
Order analyses; Angle between inner ring and outer ring; Temperature versus time or rot. Speed

Belt Drive

CrankshaftSpeed (rpm)Incremental encoder
Camshaft gearSpeed (rpm)Magnetic pickup -> toothed wheel
Injection pump gearSpeed (rpm)Magnetic pickup -> toothed wheel
Water pump pulleySpeed (rpm)Laser -> striped disc encoder
Tensioner arm Movement (mm)Potentiometer
Belt surface (slack side)Belt span vibrations (mm)Laser triangulation
Crankshaft pulley / toothed wheelForce (N)Strain gauges
Main Analyses
Order analyses; Transmission error between pulleys; Analogue signals versus speed


Camshaft speed and angleRot. Speed (rpm)Incremental encoder
Valve plateLift (mm); Velocity (m/s)Laser vibrometer
Valve springForce (N)Strain gauges
Main Analyses
Valve lift, velocity and acceleration versus speed and camshaft angle

Clutch / Dual mass flywheel

Starter gear (engine side)Rot. Speed (rpm)Magnetic sensor -> toothed wheel
Transmission side (gearbox input)Rot. Speed (rpm)Magnetic sensor -> toothed wheel
Main Analyses
Transmission error between engine (input) and transmission (output) side; Slip; Order analysis, in particular angular acceleration in gearbox (rattle)


transmission inputRot. Speed (rpm)Magnetic sensor -> toothed wheel
transmission outputRot. Speed (rpm)Magnetic sensor -> toothed wheel
transmission shaftsRot. Speed (rpm)Magnetic sensor -> toothed wheel
transmission casingAcceleration /structure borne-noise (m/s²)Acceleration sensor
Main Analyses
Angle of twist between drive and output side; Structure-borne noise depending on engine revolutions; Order analysis for speed ramp

Single Flank Testing

Position SignalSensor
Pinion shaftRot. Speed (rpm)Incremental encoder
Gear shaftRot. Speed (rpm)Incremental encoder
Air-borne noiseSound (dB)Microphone
Main Analyses
Angle of twist between the shafts; Order analysis for tooth quality verification, Single Flank testing according to DIN; Sound depending on overrolling

Testing equipment

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