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Driver's Logbook Management System: Cost-Benefit Analysis for Fleet Managers

The process costs for maintenance of manual driver's logbooks are often underestimated.

Use the cost-benefit calculator to illustrate the savings potential for your fleet.

Driver's Logbook Management System: Comparison Calculator for Frequent Drivers

Data entry

Gross list price
Consumption / 100km liters
Cost of fuel / liter (incl. VAT)
Distance from home to workplace km
Total annual milage km
Personal trips, incl. from home to workplace km
Applicable income tax rate (including solidarity surcharge) %


Annual burden for the employer (cash savings)

Using flat-tax Using
drivers log book

Calculation assumptions

Possible discount with regard to list price 15%
Vehicle depreciation period 6 years
Service every 30.000 km
Service life for tires 50.000 km
Cost of tire replacement (net) 500,00 €
Insurance costs / year 1.000,00 €
Tax on expenses / year 300,00 €


The present calculation is an approximation meant for reference purposes only. The underlying model has been prepared with the utmost of care. However, we assume no liability for the completeness and/or accuracy of the results. Aspects such as home trips in the context of double-households or limits on the vehicle value have not been considered in this model. The system costs of a driver's log book are not considered in the model. This model is not a substitute for professional tax advice!

Fleet management

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