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VISPIRON stands for VISION and INSPIRATION. Two terms that strongly form our mode of work and thinking. That is why we look beyond formal qualifications when selecting new employees. What matters to us is the right combination of competence, creativity and openness.

Convince us with your team spirit, your get-things-done mentality and your positive outlook on life. You will make a good match with us if you have curiosity, team spirit and drive. People who find their work exciting and fulfilling. People who don't look for problems, but rather search for solutions. After all, behind the scenes, VISPIRON is a team of facilitators.


If you have at least three years of work experience, in addition to the qualifications of a junior consultant, have a firm command of standard tools and methodologies and bring with you specialized know-how, we welcome you to join us as a consultant at VISPIRON. Candidates with extensive work experience are assigned to one of our career levels following a personal interview.

Apply today and become a part of our success story. Job offers are currently only accessible from the German language version of our job portal.

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Graduates & Career Starters



We have the ambition to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are not happy until we have delivered the very best quality and measurable results. If you, too, share this dedication and are prepared to go the extra mile, VISPIRON can offer you interesting opportunities for joining the team, based on your qualifications and work experience.

Following successful completion of your degree, you can take part in a three-month internship at VISPIRON to apply your theoretical knowledge to the solution of real-world problems. 

In the context of our trainee program, you will complete a number of stages. In coordination talks at regular intervals with your mentor, you will receive valuable personal and professional feedback.

Upon completion of the program you will - together with your coach - review your trainee phase. Based on the determined profile, you will be assigned to a suitable development project.

We are currently looking for:

Trainee Engineering (m/w) Automotive

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Junior Consultant


Graduates with a Bachelor or Master degree, or with comparable knowledge from the respective work experience in the natural sciences,technical or business domains can join VISPIRON as a junior consultant. As a junior consultant, you will immediately start in a development project and assume partial responsibility for the project. Your superior is at the same time available as your mentor.

In case you bring work experience with you, the option of starting as a consultant or at another stage with the possibility of advancement is open to you. Learn more about the options open to you in a personal talk. 

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We have the ambition to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are not happy until we have delivered the very best quality and measurable results. If you, too, share this dedication and are prepared to go the extra mile, VISPIRON can offer you interesting opportunities for joining the team, based on your qualifications and work experience.




From the very first day of your apprenticeship you will be accompanied by competent professionals and your personal contact person. You will be integrated into a team of friendly colleagues who will help you find your way in new tasks. Regular feedback talks, personal coaching sessions and participation in seminars will round off your qualified start into your new career. We offer you:

  • A look behind the scenes of different domains
  • A young, dynamic team and an open company culture
  • The chance to take responsibility for your own work
  • Targeted training measures
  • Attractive fringe benefits

You have:

  • Good school marke ("Realschule", "Abitur" or vocational/trade school)
  • Motivation, commitment, team spirit
  • Quick grasp of new concepts, organizational talent and are eager to learn and perform
  • Self-initiative and great flexibility

Job offers are currently only accessible from the German language version of our job portal.

Interested? Please use this link to move to the German job portal.

We are an attractive employer and care for our own junior talent to experts and executives. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has given us for this quality assurance the training seal. We are especially proud of our students who have "very good" passed their exams at the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).




To apply for an internship at VISPIRON you should have at least 8 weeks time. Pupils in the 9th or 10th grade (Realschule) and 11th or 12th grade (Gymnasium) are eligible.

In an interview we will determine your individual strengths and interests, and based on the result, determine the right business field for you.

During your internship you will have a mentor at your side to answer all of your questions and to support you.

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Dual study program


VISPIRON GmbH is implementing the Study Program with In-Depth Practical Experience in collaboration with the Munich University of Applied Sciences. The program commences in the winter semester 2017/2018.

During the semester breaks, as well as during an internship semester, you will get to know VISPIRON GmbH and take an active part in the daily business. This will give you the opportunity to apply your freshly acquired theoretical knowledge. At the same time, you will collect work experience in interesting and challenging project work. All the while you will have the support of your respective department.

The combination of theory and business practice will allow you to make a successful start into a career with manifold options for personal development. In addition, you will profit from extensive personal support, fostering of an independent mode of work and financial support throughout your time at university to allow you to concentrate fully on your studies.

Once you graduate, you will find many interesting opportunities for starting a career at VISPIRON GmbH. With your degree and practical work experience, you will have the prerequisites for taking on tasks with responsibility at VISPIRON GmbH.
We provide the dual study program for the following degree programs:

- Business economics

Please send your detailed application to jobs(at) If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Nina Hübner directly at +49 89 45 24 50 043.

For more information, please see and



Work placement


VISPIRON provides the opportunity to take part in our company in a work placement job. Students can collect practical experience in the daily business and, with sufficient commitment, even take responsibility for interesting tasks.

Starting a university degree program later, doing your thesis or starting a career following your studies are all options.

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Master's thesis, dissertation or thesis


We provide students the option of doing their diploma, Bachelor's or Master's thesis on a topic relevant to VISPIRON. In this way both sides can get to know each other, to possibly pursue a career perspective at VISPIRON following graduation.

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Start for new perspectives


Read about what we can offer you and what opportunities you will find at VISPIRON in our Career Brochure (in German).

Career Brochure

Tips for applying

Would you like to get your foot in the door in the business world and take off or are you looking for a new challenge? If so, then your application should convince us! You should invest up to four hours in a good application. Your application packet should not only be presented clearly and have structure, but it should also fit to the company's and the position's specific requirements. We will show you with our career tips what you should be aware of and which factors contribute to a good application.



General rules


What form should the application take?

Most companies today prefer applications in electronic form. Keep in mind that some companies nowadays do not even accept applications sent by mail. If in doubt, call the company directly and ask what their preferred form is.   

Summarize your application details in one (maximum three) PDF documents. This approach helps you to compress your data in a secure format.

of your application documents:

  • Cover page
  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Attachments (testimonials, certificates, etc.)


Choose a uniform layout for your documents. This helps create a professional first impression.

This includes:

  • Color scheme
  • Uniform spacing, page margins and headers and footers
  • A legible font (e.g. Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman) in size 10-12 points.


Compete your application with a professional photograph in appropriate clothing done by a photographer.



The cover letter


A cover letter is a motivational letter. It should not consist of a summary of your resume, it should rather show your motivation for wanting to work for the company or a certain part thereof. Describe your ideas and goals and try to find common areas with the desired position.

With an interesting introduction you will awake the interest of the HR representative  in your person and leave a first positive impression.

Write an individual cover letter and look closely into the company and the position. Standardized cover letters leave a negative impression and signal a lack of interest in the company.

Ideally at the end of the cover letter you should state your earliest possible starting date.

Formal criteria:

  • Your cover letter should not exceed one page
  • Include your complete contact data (in the header or at the top, left-justified):

    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • E-mail address

  • Make sure that the address of the company as well as the respective contact person are correctly written (ideally you should call and ask the company in advance)   
  • Include the place and the current date (e.g. Munich, January 1, 2011)
  • Do not forget the name of the position as well as the respective reference number. Furthermore, mention how you found out about the vacancy.  
  • Your cover letter will appear more structured if you use paragraphs   
  • Do not forget the salutation with your personal or alternatively digital signature



The resume / sample


The resume is the center piece of your application. Here it is important to present your vita clearly and with good structure, and fill it with content:

Content-related criteria:

  • For every position you occupied, mention the title, the company name and possibly the department you worked for 
  • Describe your activities at the individual stations in key words. This helps the HR representative to gain an insight into the contents (3-5 key points)    
  • List ALL your skills: e.g. IT skills, language skills, other qualifications, certificates, workshops, etc.
  • In the category "School education" it is sufficient to include your last school including the school leaving certificate.
  • If there are gaps in your resume, explain these

Formal criteria:

  • General approach: in reverse chronological order
  • State your date of birth, your place of birth and your citizenship
  • This is how you can give your resume a clear structure:

    • Divide your resume in categories: e.g. work experience, internships/working student programs, training/school education, knowledge and skills (IT, languages, certificates, etc.) as well as personal interests
    • Emphasize the individual stations in your resume by means of layout, in order to make it easier fot the HR representative to get an overview: Make headlines bold; use bullet points; use uniformly formatted dates (MM/JJJJ), etc.

Here you can find sample resume (in German) for orientation



The testimonials


Your testimonials are of particular importance, because they help give an insight into your individual fields of activity. That is why it is important to send in a testimonial from every station. Make sure that you select only informative testimonials. Feel free to include available references.

Read our Career Brochure whether we go well together (German)