Telematics and Information Technology

Structure and Function

Telecommunication, telematics and web technology ensure data flow without media breaks from the vehicle to the web portal.
The installation is suitable for all types of vehicle drive systems, including electric cars.
The telematics box is the central unit of the system and provides all relevant data for the driver and fleet management via the CAN bus interface.

The OBD Solution

  • Telematics box for attaching to the OBD (on-board diagnostics) can in the vehicle
  • Tamper-proof recording and forwarding of driving and positioning data
  • Data caching in the case of a connection interruption
  • Very easy installation (plug-in)
  • Suitable for CARSYNC modules such as electronic driving log, GPS positioning and tracking and fleet efficiency

Telematics Box

  • Invisibly installed in the vehicle, the telematics box is used for data transmission of the travel and vehicle data
  • Tamper proof recording and forwarding of travel, on-board computer and positioning data
  • Cache in the event of an interruption in connection
  • Wireless transmission of updates or fault diagnostics via GPRS
Flottenmanagement mit CARSYNC bietet Spitzentechnologie, Kostensenkung, Datenschutz, Rechtssicherheit und Finanzamtanerkennung für den Fuhrpark

RFID Reader

Flottenmanagement mit CARSYNC bietet Spitzentechnologie, Kostensenkung, Datenschutz, Rechtssicherheit und Finanzamtanerkennung für den Fuhrpark

RFID Label

elektronisches Fahrtenbuch, CARSYNC Display keine PC-Arbeitsplätze oder mobile Endgeräte notwendig


  • Use a rotary button to select the purpose of the trip from a predefined list
  • Enter order numbers as the purpose of travel
  • The purpose of travel is automatically transmitted to the web portal
  • No PC workstations or mobile devices required

Product sheet CARSYNC display (German language only)

Carsync Touchdisplay
Interface zur Fahrerauthentifizierung und PIN-Eingabe mittels Touchpanel
Wahl der Fahrtart (privat, geschäftlich) wie bei RFID-Reader
Zusammenfassung von Fahrtunterbrechungen
Eingabe aller steuerlich relevanten Daten
Auswahl vordefinierter Fahrtgründe

Touch Display

  • Interface for driver authentication and PIN input via touch screen panel
  • Selection of the type of travel (personal, business) as for RFID reader
  • Summary of driving interruptions
  • Entry of all tax related data (company, contact person, reason)
  • Selection of predefined purpose of travel
  • Free text entry of purpose of travel
  • Navigation

Product sheet CARSYNC touch display (German language only)

Web Portal


  • Creation and maintenance of the driving log
  • Various input aids such as automatic recognition of return trips home/to work
  • Protection of privacy

Fleet manager:

Driving Log App

  • Use of the driving log on the road through iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices (free in PlayStore or iTunes)
  • Transfer of contact data from the address book
  • Automatic and real-time synchronisation between web portal and driving log app
Schlüsselverwaltung für Ihr Fuhrparkmanagement. Fahrzeugschlüssel sicher und zentral verwalten. Unser Schlüsselsafe bietet Ihnen für die Schlüsselverwaltung zahlreiche Funktionen wie z.B. Personenlose Schlüsselvergabe rund um die Uhr

Electronic Key Management

Fleet management

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