Telematics in the Company

Telematics in the company is part of the future.
CARSYNC telematics makes fleet management more efficient and is an enabler for logistics 4.0.
Telematics in the company is part of the future. CARSYNC telematics makes fleet management more efficient and is an enabler for logistics 4.0.

“So far, telematics devices are only used in less than 10 percent of vehicles; but by 2020, usage will reach 90 percent, according to forecasts of the vehicle manufacturers and telecommunications and internet providers.”

(Michael Velte, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Brand Independent Vehicle Fleet Management Companies, in: Autoflotte | 09_2015, S.28)

This statement relates to the vehicle manufacturers and not to the vehicle fleet vehicles, which have already been equipped, at the initiative of the vehicle owner, with a telematics or vehicle parking system such as an electronic driving log or an electronic driving license check von CARSYNC.


In 2015, the association of brand independent fleet management companies (VMF) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) presented the "Big Data Telematics Study". The study showed that four trends are emerging in fleet management.

1.    Greater cost efficiency
2.    Live services
3.    Safety of the driver
4.    Innovative driver service

It is no secret: Many companies and organisations have already digitised vehicle fleet management. As a result companies reduces costs and have a decisive competitive advantage over their competitors.

Logistics 4.0: One in Three Fleet Managers in Europe is Using Fleet Management Telematics

According to the Dataforce Telematics Analysis 2016, of the more than 1,500 fleet managers surveyed, almost 20 percent use a telematics and/or fleet management system. A similar conclusion was drawn by the CVO vehicle parking barometer 2016, which questioned almost 3,000 vehicle fleet managers from twelve different European countries, in various industry sectors and with varying vehicle fleet sizes.

23 percent of fleet managers surveyed in Germany stated that they already use telematics in fleet management. From a European perspective, one in three of the survey participants use telematics related to the fleet. A total of 38 percent of a fleet managers questioned responded positively to the question of whether telematics could be helpful in reducing fleet costs. Nearly two-thirds of them also consider Apps to be a useful tool for vehicle fleet management: It would save time for drivers (56%) and lead to responsible awareness of vehicle use (48%).

The main reasons for using telematics functions are also instructive. Here are the TOP 3 responses of fleet managers:

1.    Vehicle positioning (e.g. for route optimisation): 33 percent
2.    Reduction of fuel costs: 28 percent
3.    Reduction of maintenance costs: 15 percent

Various study and survey results show: Telematics in fleets management is being increasingly used in a variety of ways, to increase the efficiency of the fleet. In addition, as comparison of results from previous and current studies shows: It is no longer a question of a trend. Telematics has arrived in the company and is a standard in many places, not just because it significantly reduces costs, but also because it takes the pressure off of the fleet manager and the drivers.

Telematics and web-based fleet management, such as the variety of potential applications offered by CARSYNC, is a useful tool for underpinning the company's success and continued employment. If you want to be a big step ahead of your competitors, NOW and in the future, you should not hesitate in installing telematics. CARSYNC has applied the same priority to data protection as it has to product quality and ease of use.

Make Use of Telematics from CARSYNC and Save Money

Telematik im Unternehmen gehört die Zukunft. Die CARSYNC Telematik macht das Fuhrparkmanagement effizienter und Logistik 4.0 möglich.

Any business or operation that has taken account of all legal requirements by networking its company cars and digitising fleet management has also gained a clear cost and competitive advantage compared to its competitors. Set against the backdrop of the new EU emission levels and the introduction of the purchase bonus for electric cars, it is now time for fleet managers to act instead of reacting.

These two policy measures will have a sustained impact on the product portfolios of vehicle manufacturers and also therefore on future vehicle fleets. The time has come to seriously consider an efficient and sustainable mobility mix in the vehicle fleet. CARSYNC technology helps you to exploit the savings potential and to optimise fleet management on a continuous basis.

The experience with our long-standing customers demonstrates that our fleet efficiency analysis, based on telematics, and the use of CARSYNC telematics technology can on average save 25 percent of the vehicle fleet costs. Mobility is not restricted in any way - on the contrary, it is optimised according to requirements. The use of telematics data underpins future company success and employment. However, there are legitimate questions that many employers and employees have in connection with telematics in the company:

How do telematics and data protection work together without creating conflict between corporate objectives and the personal rights of the employee?

Our response:

This is achieved through needs-based and careful connection of CARSYNC telematics technology and the CARSYNC privacy concept.

Data Protection Transparency and not Employee Transparency: CARSYNC Secures Data and Employee Positions

The 52nd German traffic law conference (VGT) dealt with the subject of telematics and the use of vehicle data, and has issued a set of recommendations, which were adopted in the 18th electoral period by the governmental parties under the Promotion of Intelligent Mobility Act.

VGT recommendations:
1.    In order to collect and process telematics data, rules must be enacted which ensure the “right of self-determination on information, through transparency and freedom of choice of the persons concerned (e.g., the vehicle owners and drivers).”

2.    Passenger car manufacturers and service providers must provide consumers with comprehensive and comprehensible information on which “data are generated and processed, and which data are transmitted in which ways and for what purposes.”

3.    In the case of contractually agreed and voluntary data transmission to third parties, “drivers and vehicle owners are legally and technically in a position to control these and, if necessary, to prevent them. The principle of data minimisation is to be ensured.”

The German Automobile Industry Association (VDA) has also formulated three fundamental data protection principles for networked vehicles.

VDA principles:

Transparency - Self-determination - Data protection

As an independent company, VISPIRON is aware that the collection, processing and storage of telematics data requires the utmost sensitivity. Our data protection concept therefore not only covers the VGT recommendations, but also supplements the VDA data protection principles with two essential aspects. In this way, the technology will continue to provide legal certainty in the future.

The CARSYNC principles:

Transparency - Self-determination - Data protection + Cost efficiency + Sustainability

The positive response from managers and works councils confirms that our privacy concept has succeeded in balancing employer and employee interests for the benefit of the entire company. Since we have taken account of the relevant laws in our telematics system, our technology and the data protection concept are widely accepted both in general (e.g., works councils and directors) and in particular (e.g., drivers and tax authorities).

CARSYNC Telematics: Safe, Efficient and Digital Fleet Management

Telematik im Unternehmen gehört die Zukunft. Die CARSYNC Telematik macht das Fuhrparkmanagement effizienter und Logistik 4.0 möglich. Kostenlos informieren!

In fleet management, the use of GPS signals is extremely diverse. The great advantage of the CARSYNC fleet management system is that a high degree of safety and flexibility is guaranteed due to the our data protection concept modular design. We've summarised the main advantages for you here:

A) Optimise business processes

  • Automation and digitalisation of worker processes
  • Electronic administration and documentation
  • Interconnection of data and analysis
    -> Saves working time and money

B) Improve traffic and driver safety

  • Accident risk is reduced to a minimum thanks to optimum vehicle maintenance and use
  • Safe vehicles and route planning
  • Driving and rest period control
    -> Improves individual and public traffic safety

C) Secure jobs

  • Motivated and specialised employees for in-house and on-site services
  • Optimum order, insurance and schedule management
  • Efficient vehicle utilisation
    -> Business process optimisation creates new investment margins

D) Reduce your impact on the environment and climate

  • Optimum mobility mix for the company
  • Reduce loading and fuel costs
  • Corporate car sharing
    -> Balance out LCA, reduce mobility costs and C02 emissions

With CARSYNC telematics fleet management technology, you can realise the objectives listed here, plus many more.
For any questions, feel free to contact our fleet management experts at no charge and no obligation.

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