Pool Car Booking with CARSYNC Unburdens the Fleet Manager and Ensures Mobility

Pool Car Booking with CARSYNC

A modern system for pool car booking is becoming increasingly important for companies and organisations that have a fleet of vehicles and are operating corporate car sharing. To ensure that the company's vehicles can be used efficiently and fleet costs can be saved, an intelligent booking system is a necessary part of a professional fleet management system. Through an optimum use of the vehicle fleet, orders can be executed efficiently and to the fullest satisfaction of your customers.

For this purpose, a fleet management system is required, which organises pool car booking with the aid of vehicle data and available drivers. There are various questions when it comes to allocating company cars:

  • Which company car best fits the order requirement?
  • Should a special vehicle be leased for the event?
  • Does an electric car make sense for this trip?
  • Is the vehicle available in time?
  • Which means of transport is the most efficient?

These questions are answered with the CARSYNC intelligent booking system using various measured variables such as fuel level, consumption, battery charge level and availability. The algorithms for these measurements, and thus the allocation of the driver and the vehicle, can be individually adapted to the requirements of each company.
In this way, it is possible to use a company car efficiently, to unburden the fleet manager and the driver, as well as reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Digital, central vehicle management and key management is crucial to ensuring mobility and flexibility for a company, around the clock. CARSYNC's modular and web-based fleet management system equally provides legal certainty, data protection and efficiency. 

Manage Corporate Vehicles and Vehicle Keys Centrally

Our pool car booking and key management, in conjunction with our telematics technology, guarantees utilisation of company cars around the clock. The CARSYNC booking system allows for personal and automated vehicle and key allocation via the portal or an App (Android / iOS). In addition, it is always ensured, at any given time, that the right driver can remove and return the appropriate key from the key safe.

The exit and return times of the keys are electronically documented and can be accessed and analysed online at any time by the fleet manager. Driver authentication is carried out using RFID technology, which is also used in our electronic driving license check and the electronic driving log. The travel book and booking data can be networked so that administration costs are enormously reduced. The diverse and individual reporting and automation functions make it possible to reduce the work load and personnel and administration costs.

Secure Fleet Bookings for your Fleet with CARSYNC

The electronic driving log can be linked to the pool car booking so that booking data are automatically transferred to the driving log. If a driver cannot return a vehicle to the vehicle fleet as planned, the next driver will be notified by e-mail. This means that he or she can switch to another vehicle or other appointments.

In the design of telematics technology, we have placed great emphasis on data protection, driver self-determination and works council co-determination. The data, which are stored on servers hosted in Germany, are transferred using an SSL encryption technology. Unauthorised persons do not have access to the data. In addition, we have developed a special safety concept to protect the personal privacy of the drivers.

Thanks to the modular design of the CARSYNC system, the range of services can be increased at any time. If, for example, you want to reduce consumption, wear or CO2 emissions, we offer you the following modules in addition to the electronic driving license check and driving log:

Fleet efficiency

Battery management

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our fleet management experts.


Optimises the efficiency of fleet utilisation. Also available as an app.


CARSYNC provides you with a basis for corporate car sharing.


Overview of the CARSYNC module functions.

Fleet management

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