Key Management for your Vehicle Fleet Management

Electronic Key Cabinet (Key Safe)

In order to ensure the mobility and efficient use of company vehicles, a professional and secure key management is a prerequisite for every professional fleet management system. The web-based and modular CARSYNC technology connects and coordinates pool car bookings and key allocation so that the fleet is used efficiently and costs are reduced.

The intelligent booking system decides which vehicle is most suitable for a particular job by means of specific measured variables. If a particular vehicle still needs to be serviced, recharged or loaded, the system searches for an alternative vehicle and, if necessary, a leasing vehicle. It calculates the time and cost savings using various algorithms. These can also be adapted to the needs of the customer.

Intelligent pool car booking is completed by central and personal key management. The combination of the two CARSYNC modules unburdens the vehicle fleet manager and lowers vehicle fleet costs and CO2 emissions. Thus, digitised and automated key allocation provides benefits for everyone: Employers, fleet managers and drivers.

Manage Vehicle Keys Securely and Centrally

Our key safe offers the following functions for key management:

  • Personal key assignment around the clock
  • Central and secure key storage in an electronically secured key cabinet
  • Logging of the output and return times
  • Automatic notification of the fleet manager when keys are missing

As our fleet management is modular, you can expand the functions at any time. Other modules of the fleet management system:

  • Electronic driving log
  • Electronic driving license check
  • Booking a pool car
  • Fleet efficiency
  • GPS positioning and tracking
  • Driving dynamics

Please do not hesitate to contact our fleet experts if you have any questions, for example, about our special data protection concept, which protects both drivers and corporate objectives alike. We look forward to finding a solution for your car fleet.

Key Management with Electronic Key Cabinet

Key management with CARSYNC is simple.


Overview of the CARSYNC module functions.

Fleet management

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