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GPS Ortung und Tracking von CARSYNC

CARSYNC GPS Positioning and Tracking

GPS Positioning and Tracking

The CARSYNC GPS positioning and tracking module enables effective control of company vehicles, contributing greatly to efficient fleet management. By combining this telematics technology with other CARSYNC fleet management modules, such as pool car booking, fleet efficiency and electronic driving license check, you can significantly reduce your fleet costs and CO2 emissions.

In particular, companies with a high degree of mobility, a decentralised corporate structure or corporate car-sharing, gain a decisive cost advantage over competitors through the web-based fleet telematics from CARSYNC. Through the use of our telematics system, your company opens up a much wider scope for time and financial management. This therefore allows business processes to be improved and productivity to be continuously raised.

Fleet Telematics: Efficient Control and Management of Company Vehicles

In the basic version, the positioning and tracking module offers the following functions to optimise the use of your company cars and to reduce the workload for vehicle fleet management.

  • Automatic recording of important data via GPS and CAN bus: Current vehicle location, downtime, vehicle identification, speed and route planning
  • Live transmission of relevant traffic data and the current location
  • Archiving and visualisation of telematics data (e.g., travel route) in the web portal

These telematics functions provide the fleet manager with a variety of options for optimisation, for example in the management of appointments and arrival times, and for insurance and accident claims. In addition, the CARSYNC telematics system can help fleet managers and managing directors to optimise travel routes, coordinate deployment of vehicles using their current position, as well as comply with statutory driving and rest times.

Telematics from CARSYNC – Automotive technology at its best

GPS positioning and tracking using CARSYNC technology, serves exclusively to underpin business success and employment. The CARSYNC fleet management system is modular in design, ensuring a high degree of flexibility in terms of functionality. The CARSYNC telematics system consists in principle of three components: 

1.  Telematics box (on-board computer)
The CARSYNC telematics box is installed quickly and easily in the company car. The telematics box is not visible in the vehicle interior. Using the information received from GPS satellites, the on-board computer can calculate various parameters and send them to the web portal, such as the vehicle location, including the time and the planned route.

2.  Mobile data communication via GPRS (transceiver)
The transmission of vehicle data takes place via mobile radio communication (GSM) and via GPRS. Data packets can be sent in the GSM network using GPRS technology. This means that larger amounts of data can be transferred very quickly and securely.

3.  Computer system for storing and archiving data (central office)
The CARSYNC fleet management system is modular and uses the internet to process data. Therefore, the fleet management system can also be described as an Internet or web-based telematics system.

Data protection and driver protection are combined in the CARSYNC telematics system

As telematics systems are used to monitor and control company vehicles and fleets, in order to optimise business processes and reduce vehicle costs, our engineers have integrated both technical safety measures to protect drivers and company data, as well as developed a special data protection concept. This concept not only applies to the GPS positioning and tracking module, but also to the entire modular CARSYNC fleet management system.

In the development of the security concept, we have taken into account relevant basic legal requirements (such as the Works Constitution and the Federal Data Protection Acts), so that there is a high degree of recognition by personnel representatives and public authorities (e.g., the Federal Motor Transport Authority and Tax Office). Our references testify to the value and trust placed by our customers in CARSYNC products.

CARSYNC Data Protection Concept

Data transmission: The CARSYNC telematics box uses GPS information to determine the vehicle position including the time. As a result, where necessary, a change of order or routing can be communicated quickly. This information is transferred to the VISPIRON server using GPRS technology. Due to modern SSL and VPN encryption, the data are protected against unauthorised access when transmitting to the web portal.

Data storage: GLOBAL ACCESS is a world-leading CLOUD service provider that ensures that only authorised persons have access to the servers. The servers are the property of VISPIRON and are exclusively maintained by VISPIRON employees. The data centre of GLOBAL ACCESS is located in Germany and is subject to the highest security requirements.

Access log: A log entry is created whenever the fleet manager or another authorised person accesses data. In this way, an external person, for example a works councillor, can monitor the utilisation of the data with regard to data protection. This creates transparency and prevents the misuse of sensitive data. The monitoring mechanisms can be set up according to requirements.

Data minimisation: The CARSYNC technology for the control and administration of company cars is designed in such a way that personal data are collected only if necessary for the purpose of justifiable company objectives as well as legal and tax certainty.

Dual control principle: The modular CARSYNC fleet management system allows you to set individual check limits when processing personal data. In this way, it can be ensured that employee data are processed only in compliance with the Works Constitution and the Federal Data Protection Act.

Protection for personal travel: If a driver uses the company car for a personal trip, this is documented separately, for example, in the electronic driving log. A stop which is not relevant for tax purposes can be masked out by the driver. All business and personal travel can be conveniently and easily combined as one total trip. The tachograph status corresponds to the kilometres driven, which is a basic prerequisite for tax office recognition.

Confidentiality: All employees involved in the development and support of CARSYNC products have signed a declaration of confidentiality. This means that all persons involved are subject to an obligation of confidentiality and special data protection guidelines.

In fleet management, the use of GPS signals is extremely diverse. The great advantage of the CARSYNC fleet management system is that a high degree of flexibility and individuality is guaranteed due to the modular design.

CARSYNC Telematics System: A Wide Range of Functions and Potential Areas of Application

The aim of positioning, tracking and reporting is to evaluate vehicle data in a targeted manner in order to make opportunities for optimisation transparent and to initiate processes that lead to efficiency improvements. With our digital fleet management system, for example, reports can be automated and customised. For example, you can set intervals according to requirements to make scheduling and maintenance management more efficient.

Using API interfaces, data can be directly used by systems such as SAP for further processing. In addition, you can set up specific users or user groups (car fleet personnel, works council, HR) in advance so that they can also receive the report. Reporting allows for the creation of fleet benchmarks and other reference indices for specific periods of time.

Whether you are operating corporate car-sharing, or managing a small or a large vehicle fleet, CARSYNC makes work procedures easier, improves legal and tax security and reduces vehicle costs and CO2 emissions. The modular and internet-based fleet management system from CARSYNC is extremely versatile because of its modular design. This is demonstrated by other CARSYNC modules:

Electronic driving license check: With CARSYNC, driving license checks can also be simply, safely and cost-effectively carried out. This allows the risks associated with keeper liability to be resolved and eliminates the need for regular visual inspections of the driving license. Thanks to our cooperation with TOTAL, a decentralised driving license check is also available with CARSYNC. The CARSYNC driving license check is noted for its excellent price/performance ratio.

Electronic driving log: A manual logbook is time consuming and prone to errors. Often corrections and additional payments are due. Fixed tax assessment, such as the 1 percent rule, is also not a solution, when it comes to asserting the minimisation of taxes from business travel. With the CARSYNC electronic driving log you save yourself a great deal of time, effort and money. We also offer a driving log app for Android and iOS.

Pool car booking and electronic key management: For making the best use of vehicles and drivers, you should use our pool car booking and electronic key management modules. Optimum fleet utilisation and personal and secure issue of keys around the clock are guaranteed. This ensures mobility for your company.

Fleet efficiency and driving dynamics: These two modules will show you the general and specific potential for optimisation of company and leasing vehicles. Our fleet analysis helps you to use company cars carefully and efficiently. This means that CO2 emissions, maintenance and repair and fuel costs can be reduced as well as enabling efficient leasing and battery management.

If you have any questions or special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our fleet management experts. They will be happy to help you – free and at no obligation.


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