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Fleet Efficiency

Fleet Efficiency: With CARSYNC Telematics, you can Save up to 25 Percent of your Fleet Costs

Increase fleet efficiency and mobility, reduce CO2 emissions and vehicle fleet costs - these and many other opportunities are possible with the fleet efficiency analysis using the CARSYNC telematics system. On average, 25 percent of the vehicle fleet costs can be saved if the company cars are used efficiently according to our optimisation strategies. Particularly in the case of corporate car sharing, the savings potential is very high thanks to automated and digital fleet management.

In the age of globalisation and increasing competition, fleet efficiency plays an important role. The CARSYNC fleet management system can deliver those decisive competitive advantages - irrespective of the size of the vehicle fleet. As a result, employment and company success are secured.

Outputs from the VISPIRON fleet efficiency analysis

  •  Efficient use of the vehicle fleet
  •  Optimum use of company cars
  •  Less fuel consumption in the car fleet
  •  The potential for electromobility is made transparent
  •  Maintenance and repair costs are reduced 
  •  Efficient order and schedule management
  •  Increased driver safety
  •  And many other aspects

Digitisation and networking of data via the CARSYNC telematics system greatly increases the productivity of your company. We are aware that data processing and data analysis by telematics systems demand a high level of sensitivity and security. To ensure both of these, our IT experts and engineers have developed a special data protection concept for the web-based fleet management system.

Increasing Fleet Efficiency and Mobility with VISPIRON

In order to increase fleet efficiency, we create an individual and detailed mobility profile for your company. Based on this, important questions can be answered:

  •  Do I need to increase or decrease my fleet?
  •  How do I achieve the best possible utilisation of my vehicle?
  •  How do I make best use of my drivers and vehicles?
  •  Should I switch over partially or even completely to electromobility?
  •  How can I optimise pool car booking?
  •  How can I reduce C02 emissions?
  •  Are (further) leasing vehicles right for my company?
  •  How and where can I improve the management of my fleet?

How can costs be reduced while increasing fleet efficiency?

The answer is provided by VISPIRON's fleet analysis!

CARSYNC Fleet Efficiency Analysis: Reducing Costs in Three Steps

Step 1: Fleet analysis using telematics

A current mobility profile is created through a fleet and vehicle usage analysis.

  • Vehicle fleet: What forms and types of mobility does the company use?
  • Routes: How long is the trip and how many legs does it comprise?
  • Downtime: How long do company cars sit unused in the fleet and why?
  • Electromobility: Should the fleet be supplemented by hybrid and electric vehicles?

Step 1 makes transparent who is using a particular vehicle and when and for how long a vehicle is being used. All statutory requirements regarding employee participation, security and data protection are respected.

Step 2: Fleet optimisation

From the vehicle analysis potential needs based savings become transparent and strategies for optimisation are derived that take into account the individual mobility requirements.

  •  Comparison of current and optimised mobility profiles
  •  Optimisation potential for your fleet
  •  Optimisation options are prioritised according to requirements
  •  Concrete and transparent recommendations for the improvement of fleet efficiency

Based on data, the transparent comparison between the current and potential mobility profile provides the managing director and the fleet manager with an objective basis for decision making, in order to reduce the costs of the vehicle fleet.

Step 3: Checking and implementing cost-cutting measures 

Taking financial aspects into consideration, an individual optimisation strategy is defined in coordination with the company and improvement measures evaluated.

  •  Stepwise implementation of the fleet optimisation strategy
  •  Monitoring the measures for fleet optimisation

At the end of the optimisation process, optimum utilisation of the vehicle fleet and vehicle use is in place for the company and its drivers, as well as a reduction in costs and risks. For example, it is often cost effective to adapt the size of the fleet to the everyday business and to supplement it with hybrid and electric cars. CARSYNC telematics technologies also enable various reporting and automation functions, which can be used to increase vehicle fleet efficiency and optimise work procedures.

The Modular Fleet Management System Enables Customised Increases in Fleet Efficiency

Another great advantage of the CARSYNC fleet management system is its modular design. This makes it possible for every company (SME or corporate group) to optimise the use of company cars, taking into account their mobility needs. A goal-oriented and as-needs use of CARSYNC products saves every employer time and money.

In addition, the modularity of the system ensures that every customer has a flexible, individual and up-to-date system. When a company expands its range of services, the existing fleet management system can be quickly and easily complemented by other products. If you want to modernise the use of the vehicle fleet and your fleet management, CARSYNC offers the following modules:

If you have any further questions, please make use of our fleet management FAQs or contact our fleet management experts. Our first consultation is free and without obligation.

Fleet Efficiency

Efficient fleet management with CARSYNC.

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