Electronic Driving Log from CARSYNC for your Fleet Management

Electronic Driving Log from CARSYNC

Our electronic driving log saves a great deal of time and money when using a company car. This is especially true for companies and organisations operating a fleet of vehicles. Keeping a manual driving log is both time-consuming and costly. Nowadays digitised fleet management is an indispensable tool. It allows the managing director and the fleet manager to keep track of travel costs, vehicle use, fleet utilisation and order and maintenance schedules.

Our web-based telematics technology allows you to systematically combine and manage various fleet management tasks, such as scheduling and fuel tank and battery management. This ensures efficient use of company vehicles and underpins the success of the company. CARSYNC's electronic driving log provides legal certainty and transparency. The tool is extremely simple to use and offers a wide range of functions.

Our log system keeps personal and business travel clearly separated from one other – guaranteed. Plus, we've developed a special data protection concept to ensure data security and protect the driver's privacy. Our system automatically creates a digital log of kilometres actually driven, which is extremely helpful when it comes to optimising vehicle fleet efficiently, reducing costs and lowering tax liability. This takes the pressure off managing directors, drivers, personnel and vehicle fleet managers, leaving them free to concentrate on essential tasks and increasing productivity.

A Double Solution: Electronic Driving Log and Driving License Check

To log and transmit travel data, a tamper-proof telematics box is installed in the company vehicle. This device outputs relevant vehicle data via CAN BUS. This makes it possible to log such information as travel times, locations, fuel tank and battery charge levels, as well as fuel consumption, depending on what you need. The device also features GPS positioning and tracking, enabling you to minimise both CO2 emissions and wear and tear. The telematics box is not visible and comprises the core of the modular CARSYNC telematics system.

The electronic tachograph is a small box which is installed visibly in the vehicle to allow for driver authentication via RFID technology. If the driver wants to use the company vehicle, he/she must first identify himself using the RFID label affixed to his driver's license. This ensures that the right driver is using the right vehicle. And here's another great advantage of the modular CARSYNC driving log system:

RFID driver authentication also automatically takes care of one of the vehicle manager's most important duties – the electronic driving license check. If the driver is not authorised to use the vehicle based on their RFID label, the immobiliser switches on automatically, preventing the company vehicle from being started. In emergency situations, authorised persons, such as the fleet manager, who is usually subject to keeper liability, can release the car for the driver by remote control. In addition, we have set up a 24/7 service hotline for emergencies.

Versatile Functionality and Application Opportunities with CARSYNC

The GPS driving log from CARSYNC provides both telematics hardware and vehicle parking software at the highest technical level as well as legal protection with respect to the tax office, data protection, company law and driver privacy. The logbook and all other fleet management modules can be used by any company, in any industry and with any type of vehicle. The RFID technology and modular structure of the telematics system allow for a wide range of technical applications, including efficient pool car booking and key management.

GPS Driving Log: Ensures Tax Office Approval and Driver and Data Security

In the age of digital globalisation, it no longer makes sense to keep a manual driving log. Maintaining a driving log notebook by hand leaves a business vulnerable to errors and costs a great deal of time and money. But with a digital travel log generated by CARSYNC technology, you'll always have a complete record of actual kilometres travelled, all with clear distinction between personal use and business travel. This saves a great deal of time and money. If an electronic driving log and telematics system are to be used in the company, four important aspects have to be considered.

1. When using an electronic driving log, the autonomy of the driver must be ensured, and personal privacy must be protected. To help you do this, we have developed a special data protection concept.

2. Data protection must be a particularly high priority for telematics systems. For this reason, we also work very closely with a world leading IT data centre, whose servers meet the most stringent security requirements and are also hosted in Germany.

3. The approval of the works council must be guaranteed. Our experience shows that the electronic driving log from CARSYNC is also very popular with business and HR management, as well as works councils.

4. Every company must work in a cost-effective manner. Optimising the use of company cars and the vehicle fleet as a whole underpins company success and employment.

When it comes to staying competitive, a digitised and web-based fleet management system is a useful tool for increasing efficiency and reducing vehicle costs. The CARSYNC electronic driving log can potentially result in huge savings. See for yourself with our company car calculator – try it out now free and at no obligation.

Recognition by the Tax Office and Data Protection with CARSYNC

The CARSYNC telematics box transmits data to the GLOBAL ACCESS servers via SSL and VPN encryption technology. Authorised individuals, such as the managing director or vehicle fleet manager, can then view and manage the required data via the WEB portal or an APP.

This combines two fundamental aspects: Legal certainty and fleet efficiency. In order to ensure data protection and recognition by the tax office, our software developers and engineers have taken into account all legal requirements when designing the telematics system.

Keeping a driving log with CARSYNC is simple and pays for itself. The user-friendly input mask and preprogrammed tax-related parameters ensure that the driver immediately records all the important data. This means that corrections and tax arrears are a thing of the past. You'll have a travel log that's secure and acceptable both to the tax office and the works council, guaranteed. And we have success stories from big-name clients to prove it!

Our telematics hardware and tachograph software is noted for the following features:

  • Modular design allowing individual expansion of the fleet management system
  • Tamper protection
  • certified by an independent auditing company
  • Clear separation of business and personal travel
  • Special security measures for the protection of privacy
  • Scalable data and diverse report functions
  • User-friendly web portal or an app (iOS and Android) to document and analyse relevant travel data
  • Automated functions
  • Automatic updates and error diagnostics (GPRS)
  • Cache for data protection
  • Can also be used for leasing vehicles

Modular Fleet Management: Keeping a Driving Log was Never Simpler or More Secure

CARSYNC's electronic driving log offers you a high degree of flexibility and security. Our web-based fleet management system is modular, so you can add on more functions at any time. In addition, we work according to the principle of data minimisation and have taken special security precautions so that data protection for the driver and the company is ensured:

  • Protection for personal travel: Personal travel is clearly marked and can only be viewed by the driver. Furthermore, neither the driving log view nor the tax printout reveals personal travel details.

  • Travel Summary: This function ensures that only relevant tax data, such as the travel time and the reason for the trip, are visible. Intermediate stops are only visible to the driver.

  • Access Protocol: When the fleet manager accesses the telematics data of a vehicle, access is logged and documented. This ensures that a check can be made by an authorised person, such as a personnel representative, for the purposes of data protection.

  • Dual control principle: When it comes to personal data, individual inspection gates can be set up. This ensures that the fleet manager is only able to view and use certain data for good reason and in consultation with the works council.

  • Data minimisation: Personal data are only collected if justified according to a specific company purpose and relevant for recognition by the tax office.

  • Confidentiality: All CARSYNC employees have signed a declaration of confidentiality and are thus required to comply with a special data protection concept and a duty of confidentiality.

  • SSL & VPN encryption: A modern SSL encryption technology is used to transfer traffic data to the web portal. Unauthorised persons do not have access to the servers hosted in Germany.

  • Data storage: The secure storage of data is provided by a world-leading CLOUD service provider based in Germany: GLOBAL ACCESS. The company was the first to be certified for its information security management system, according to the highest global data standards (ISO & BSI 27001/ISO 9001).

The CARSYNC fleet management reduces costs, fuel consumption, wear and tear and CO2 emissions, increases fleet efficiency and creates legal certainty for employers and vehicle fleet managers for issues related to the tax office and keeper liability.

Electronic Driving Log instead of Fixed Tax Allowance (1 Percent Rule): Take Advantage of the Free Company Car Calculator, at no Obligation.

A company car used partly for personal travel, is subject to a flax rate tax known as the 1 percent rule (in Germany). In this case, one percent of the gross list price of the motor vehicle (including optional equipment and VAT) is assessed as a taxable benefit in kind each month. Or you could use our electronic driving log and submit the forgery-proof documentation to the tax office. Instead of paying an excessive flat rate, you can prove the actual share of personal use for your company cars in accordance with § 6 para. 1 no. 4 p. 3 EStG.

This usually results in a much more advantageous tax deduction than flat rate taxation under the 1 per cent rule or a tax office estimate. If you are fed up with making manual adjustments and paying tax arrears, be sure to use our electronic driving log when you file for taxes. Our company car calculator calculates your personal cost advantage quickly and easily, when you document your vehicle usage for the motor vehicle licensing authority or tax office exactly with our GPS driving log.

Use the online calculator totally free of charge and at no obligation. If you have any questions regarding the electronic driving log, consult our electronic driving log FAQs free of charge, or contact our CARSYNC fleet management experts directly. Our staff look forward to speaking with you and will be pleased to prepare an individual quote for your fleet or company car.

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