Electronic Driving License Check: Fundamental Obligation of Inspection for Employers and Vehicle Fleet Managers

Electronic Driving License Check

The electronic driving license check is one of the most important control requirements for companies that own a fleet of vehicles and provide their employees with a company car or operate corporate car sharing. In principle, the “owner” of a motor vehicle, generally the managing director, is subject to statutory keeper liability law, which is derived from §21 para. 1 no. 2 StVG (German road traffic act).

Accordingly, the vehicle owner can be punished with a sentence of imprisonment of up to one year or with a fine, should he permit a vehicle registered to him to be driven without the required driving license. In addition, third party liability insurance may be excluded.

Particularly in the case of SMEs, the Managing Director is generally the keeper of the vehicle and is subject to the obligation of inspection, since the latter makes use of the vehicle on his own account, defrays the costs and takes advantage of the use of the company vehicles. In the case of companies with a large fleet of vehicles, where the use of an electronic driving license control system is particularly high, a fleet manager and fleet personnel are often hired for fleet management.

Telematics from CARSYNC protects employees against liability risks

As a rule, it is the duty of the vehicle fleet supervisor or manager to regularly check the driving licenses of the vehicle users. Therefore, the vehicle fleet manager is essentially liable for the keeper liability. In order to ensure documentation free from omissions and to reduce liability risks, many well-known employers and companies rely on CARSYNC technology. When dealing with keeper liability, you can be certain: Trust is high - Inspection is secure - using CARSYNC technology!

Driving license checks must be carried out carefully and regularly. This applies in particular to foreign driving licenses, which often have to be transferred after a certain period of time in order to be valid in the European Union and the European Economic Area. CARSYNC's electronic driving license check system provides you with a simple and professional solution as well as a variety of automation, reporting and documentation functions.

Our fleet management software is extremely user-friendly and allows for individual settings. In addition, the driving license check can be combined with other modules of the fleet management system so that the fleet can be used efficiently, and costs and CO2 emissions can be reduced and productivity can be increased. The application options of the CARSYNC vehicle fleet system are diverse:

  • Small, medium and large vehicle fleets

  • All sectors and types of business

  • Company car/corporate car sharing

  • Own company vehicles and leasing vehicles

  • Driving license checks in the company and the company car

  • Decentralised driving license check

TOTAL Filling Stations with CARSYNC Driving License Check

Location map for scanning stations

Control of Keeper Liability with the CARSYNC Electronic Driving License Check

The latest "Car Policy" study shows that the electronic driving license check is frequently neglected. However, there are various reasons not to take the driving license check lightly. The two most important reasons are: Firstly, there is a legal obligation to check and a consequent keeper's liability - which already applies in the case of negligence.

If damage is caused by an employee, who has driven a company car without a valid driving license, high third party liability and damages claims can be asserted against the employer or the fleet manager.

Above all, a lengthy court hearing for a driving offence can result in expensive litigation costs, which can paralyse the company. In addition, high knock-on costs can arise, for example, through repairs, higher insurance contributions and vehicle and staff absence, etc. This does not need to happen – we have the solution. CARSYNC's electronic driving check system protects you against such risks, where the driving license check is documented automatically and thoroughly.

Visual Inspection versus Electronic Driving License Check

Relying on visual inspection as a means of checking driving licenses places a high cost burden on administration and working time. CARSYNC's electronic driving license check system ensures that the vehicle fleet manager is considerably freed up, both in terms of time as well as from issues related to keeper liability.
The installation of the electronic driving license check is extremely simple. We will explain to you in four steps how the CARSYNC driving licence check system is installed:

1. RFID label: The tamper proof CARSYNC RFID label is glued to the driver's license.

2. Registering: The driver is registered in accordance with the RFID label in the CARSYNC portal. This therefore allows a simple identification of the driver and the drivers used.

3. Checking driving license:
When the driver is requested by the fleet manager to make a driving license check, he must carry out the license check electronically by the specified date. The CARSYNC technology offers four options:

  • Control at a central inspection station at the company
  • Public driving license check at a TOTAL filling station
  • Inspection in the vehicle (this check is only possible in conjunction with the electronic tachograph)
  • RFID reader for mobile driving license check

Important: The test intervals can be customised. The vehicle owner or vehicle fleet manager must carry out the driving license check more frequently, for example, if a driver has raised awareness due to traffic offences or has acquired his driving license outside the EU/EEA and had it transferred. In addition, the vehicle fleet manager can send dates for checking by text message or e-mail to the driver.

4. Documentation and archiving: The fleet manager can log and archive the driving license check via the web portal or an app.

The fleet manager can use the portal or app (Android / iOS) to control and manage other fleet management tasks, such as
pool car booking or key management.

The Electronic Driving License Check by CARSYNC Offers Flexibility and Legal Certainty

In a globalised world and in the European single market, four aspects are becoming increasingly important for companies and businesses to guarantee the business success: Mobility, flexibility, data protection and legal certainty. This and many other features are offered by the modular CARSYNC telematics technology, which can be tailored to your requirements.

  • Data privacy: The transmission and storage of driver and travel data is carried out in accordance with all relevant German and European legal requirements. Thus legal certainty is guaranteed. The data are always transmitted via SSL and VPN encryption technology. The data are stored according to our principle of data minimisation. That means: Only authorised persons are allowed to collect, view and utilise specific data. In addition, our fleet developers and engineers have taken into account both the driver's personal and self-determination rights as well as the company's objectives in the design of the electronic driving license check. And of course this also takes account of the work’s council right of co-determination.

  • Data storage: In terms of data security and data storage, we cooperate with the world's leading CLOUD service provider GLOBAL ACCESS. Thus, all data are stored on servers that meet the highest security requirements and are hosted in Germany. The GLOBAL ACESS management system for information security has been designed according to German IT protection and the highest global security standards. For this purpose, the company was the first to receive the highest certification (ISO & BSI 27001/ISO 9001).

  • Work’s Council approval: According to the Works Constitution Act, there is a right of co-determination regarding employee data collection. No matter whether it is an electronic driving license check or driving log: Our products are widely accepted by employers, public authorities, staff and works councils and are very popular thanks to their user-friendliness. We have placed great emphasis on the fact that personal and professional use of company vehicles is clearly separated. If the driver uses the company car for a trip that is not relevant for tax purposes, the documentation can be suspended temporarily.

    It is always about the safety of the driver, the success of the company and sustaining employment. In addition, we have made special arrangements for the protection of personal privacy. Our personal rights management system will only release employee data that are absolutely necessary. Thus, a higher level of data protection is provided with an electronic rather than in a manual process.
    GPS positioning and tracking occur separately. In addition, these functions are designed in such a way that control by the works council is always possible.

  • Cooperation with TOTAL filling stations: In cooperation with TOTAL, we have set up inspection stations for electronic driving license checks for VISPIRON customers at various petrol stations. This allows for a high degree of flexibility, as external staff and logistics companies, in particular, rely on a public test network. With the TOTAL filling station finder, the fleet manager or the driver can quickly and easily find the nearest inspection station to carry out driver's checks electronically. Simply enter the postal code or the location where you are positioned. Shortly thereafter, the driver is automatically shown the route to the next possible test station.

  • Modularity: The CARSYNC fleet management system is modular. This makes it possible to digitise and automate further fleet management tasks at any time. The fleet manager is therefore unburdened, legal certainty is ensured, vehicle fleet costs are reduced and the company's productivity is increased.

Combining Electronic Driving License Check with Other CARSYNC Fleet Management Modules

The CARSYNC electronic driving license check can be supplemented by the following modules.

  • Electronic driving log: Enables recording of actual business kilometres travelled. The kilometres travelled for personal and business use are therefore always clearly separated and quickly apparent. If a trip is not to be recorded because it is not relevant for tax purposes, the driver can determine this himself. With our electronic driving log, manual driving logs, manual adjustments, supplementary tax payments and inefficient flat rate tax (such as the 1 percent rule) are a thing of the past. In addition, the driving log provides for driver authentication so that the electronic driving license check and the travel route documentation go hand in hand. Data protection is guaranteed and acceptance by works councils is extremely high.

  • Pool car booking: No matter whether you operate corporate car sharing or a large fleet, intelligent CARSYNC pool car booking ensures efficient use of service vehicles. Through the right use of driver and vehicle you can save a lot of time and money. The CARSYNC system also allows for fuel tank, leasing and battery management. This enables checking of the fuel tank or battery charge level and the corresponding selection of a vehicle according to requirement. If a driver omits to refuel a car or to connect to a charging station, he or she can be automatically informed about his oversight by e-mail or text message.

  • Key management: The CARYNC key management ensures correct and safe allocation of the driver and vehicle. In addition, personal issue of keys is guaranteed around the clock

  • Fleet efficiency: You can perform a fleet efficiency analysis with our fleet management experts. In this way, an average of 25 percent of the vehicle fleet costs can be saved - with the same level of mobility. In addition, the analysis shows the potential savings with electric cars for your company. Battery, fuel tank, and leasing management are three of the various optimisation fields that make our efficiency analysis transparent.

  • GPS positioning and tracking: Here, we offer you various positioning and tracking functions, such as vehicle location in real-time or geofencing.

  • Driving dynamics: By means of an analysis, various vehicle data such as wear and fuel consumption can be read and evaluated. Using these data, allows fuel, maintenance and repair costs as well as CO2 emissions to be reduced.

If you have any questions on the subject of the electronic driving license check, or would like an individual quotation for management of your fleet, our fleet management experts (contact) will be pleased to advise you. The consultation is free and without obligation.

Driving License Check

Legal certainty through electronic driving license check CARSYNC.

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