Battery Management, Fuel Tank Management, Leasing Management

Battery Management

The number of electric vehicles in company fleets is growing steadily. The extent to which an electric vehicle can be used depends on the battery charge before the respective trip. CARSYNC transmits the battery charge level to the web portal. If this is not sufficient for the next trip, the system informs the driver automatically and suggests alternatives. As soon as an electric vehicle is parked in the control centre without being connected to a charging station, the fleet manager is notified.

The large number of CARSYNC modules enables each fleet manager to implement his or her individual concept for managing their fleet. Amongst these, the electronic driving log and the electronic driving license check are usually the starting modules.

Fuel Tank and CO2 Management

Fleet managers depend on reliable reporting. CARSYNC makes it possible to evaluate changes in the fuel tank for every vehicle. The consumption and fuel costs, together comparisons or average values over any specific period of time are relevant for controlling a fleet. The data can be accessed daily via the web portal. In addition to fuel tank management, the CO2 emissions of the vehicles or of the entire fleet can also be presented - an essential function for companies that pursue a climate-neutral policy.

Fuel tank management and CO2 management are simple parameters for fleet operators to successfully manage their fleet. With the fleet efficiency module CARSYNC has developed an instrument for analysing the use of the fleet over a long period of time, which is then used to derive concrete recommendations for action.

Leasing Overview

The fleet manager only needs to enter the lease data for a vehicle into the portal once. Subsequently, he is automatically notified if there is any risk of over- or under-run of the contract mileage (kilometres). The system proposes alternatives and calculates possible additional costs resulting from the lease contract. Above all, this base allows the fleet manager to control his vehicle fleet cost effectively.

The different CARSYNC modules can be extended at any time, independently of each other. For most fleet managers, the electronic driving log, recognised by tax offices, is the first step, as this ensures certainty with tax. Legal certainty can be obtained by means of the electronic driving license check.

Time and Cost Savings through Efficient Use of Fleet Data

CARSYNC collects and transmits relevant data to a web portal. The tamper proof transmission takes place in real time. The fleet manager is therefore given meaningful evaluations which provide him with a substantial base for decision making. Fleet management control and optimisation functions can be called up at predefined time intervals in the form of automated status reports.

Combining modules, for example, with the electronic driving log or the electronic driving license check provides the basis for efficient fleet management.

Fleet Management

Battery management, fuel tank management and more...


CARSYNC provides you with a basis for corporate car sharing.

Fleet management

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