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The quality of the CARSYNC fleet management has been confirmed by independent institutions. Many companies currently enjoy the advantages of our cutting edge technology and exceptionally good price performance ratio.

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Carry out an electronic driving license check either in the car, decentrally in the company, or at TOTAL filling stations. This ensures legal liability protection and saves you time and money.


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Fleet Management from VISPIRON Creates Legal Certainty and Lowers Vehicle Fleet Costs and CO2 Emissions.

Fleet management plays an increasingly important and multifaceted role in an age of globalisation and increasing competition. Today, a company car often serves both as a resource and as a means of attracting and retaining employees over the long term. Mobility and flexibility ensure the success of a company - this applies both to corporations and to SMEs. Professional fleet management is increasingly becoming more complex and more demanding.

Managing directors, employees' councils, personnel and vehicle fleet managers must keep abreast of European Community law and the laws of individual nation states regarding data protection, employment law, driver and keeper liability, and environmental and accident prevention regulations (UVV). A legal infraction can mean a heavy penalty for the employer and management responsible for the vehicle fleet.

VISIPIRON offers you a modular fleet management system that adapts to your needs. So instead of getting lost in a jungle of administrative details and data, you and your employees can concentrate on essential tasks and deadlines. With our telematics technology, you can use your fleet and service vehicles efficiently and significantly reduce fleet costs and CO2 emissions. VISPIRON fleet management also provides legal certainty and tackles challenges such as fuel tank, leasing and battery management, and keeper liability, as well as driver and employee data protection.

When it comes to winning sales contracts, even small price advantages over the competition can make all the difference: A difference you can make together with VISPIRON!

Fleet Management with VISPIRON: Potential Applications and Advantages to your Vehicle Fleet and Company Cars

The web-based and modular fleet management system from VISPIRON offers you a wide range of technical and administrative options. Any employer can use this tool to reduce costs, relieve the fleet manager and make more efficient use of their fleet. To give you an idea of the countless ways you'll benefit from the VISPIRON fleet management system, we've compiled a short summary of the primary advantages of CARSYNC technology.


Individual solutions for each customer

Our fleet management system has a modular design. The CARSYNC telematics box is connected to the CAN-Bus in the company car in order to read out relevant data. These data are transferred to the WEB portal, where they can then be evaluated for various company purposes. You can determine the scope of services of the fleet management system yourself and extend the functionality for your fleet management at any time by simply adding another module. This gives you control while ensuring flexibility, customisability and mobility. Do you or one of your customers have a special request or concern?

We'll find the right solution for your company!

Digitised and Automated Fleet Management

Our fleet management system offers a variety of ways to digitise and automate working procedures. This ensures the targeted mobility of your employees, takes the pressure off of the vehicle fleet manager and optimises the efficiency of fleet utilisation, for example through digital leasing and fuel tank and battery management. Our pool car booking and electronic driving license check modules also save you time, manpower and money.

Our telematics solutions are noted not just for their high quality and user-friendliness, but also for the practical advantages they offer. For example, you can run an electronic driving license check in the car, at your company location or at one of the public test stations we've installed for VISPIRON customers at numerous TOTAL filling stations. This flexibility offers considerable time and cost savings, especially for decentralised companies and transport businesses.

Data management and communication are made possible through a user-friendly web portal or app (iOS and Android).

Recognised by the Tax Office: Offset Driving Costs and Save Taxes Simply

When it comes to tax returns, the ability to digitally track and accurately account for travel costs generally offers a significant cost advantage over using fixed tax allowances, such as the one-percent rule (Germany). Why throw money at the tax office and waste valuable time? Instead of keeping a manual log or relying on a flat rate tax assessment, use our electronic driving log.

All the information relevant to the tax office is preset. This means that no important information can be left out. You'll never need to make handwritten corrections or pay huge tax arrears again.

Our electronic driving log has already proven its worth with a number of tax offices and paid off enormously for customers. In addition, the driving log, which is certified by an independent auditing company, is tamper-proof and protects the privacy of the drivers by clearly separating personal use and work-related travel. You can also use our company car calculator, free and at no obligation to assess your individual savings potential.

Safety and Liability

VISPIRON's telematics fleet management system solves various safety and liability risks: Driver and vehicle safety can be significantly increased, for example, by means of digital maintenance, scheduling and order management. As a result, the fleet manager always has important inspection obligations (UVV inspection) and dates in view. The risks associated, for example, with absolute liability and keeper liability, in respect of electronic driving license check, are greatly reduced with our technology - as also are your vehicle costs and CO2 emissions.

In addition, data backups meet the highest security requirements, so your data are well-protected against misuse and manipulation. This latter requirement, for example, is an essential prerequisite for the electronic driving log, so that you can safely offset your travel expenses against tax. Recognition by the tax office is therefore simple and time saving.

Data Protection Compliance

The VISPIRON web-based telematics, fleet management system uses SSL encryption technology and meets the highest security requirements. All data, such as the driver, company car, vehicle fleet as well as company and business accounting figures, are hosted on dedicated servers in Germany. Telematics functions, such as tracking and GPS positioning are used exclusively for company purposes and for the protection of the driver and the company vehicles. The principle of data minimisation always applies.  This means that relevant, personal data are only collected for the respective and justified company purpose.

Our engineers and software developers have placed great importance on meeting legal requirements, such as the Federal Data Protection and Works Constitution Acts, in the design of our telematics solutions and fleet management software. In this way, the company's goals and the employee’s personal rights are protected.

Using CARSYNC technology, telematics data, which are logged, analysed and evaluated for fleet management, are protected against abuse and access by unauthorised third parties. Personal use and business travel can be separated easily and clearly so that there is no conflict of interest between the driver's right to privacy and corporate objectives. Travel for personal use is only visible to the corresponding driver.

Reporting and Transparency

Our vehicle fleet telematics system combines transparency and safety. Data are collected, stored and evaluated mainly by means of RFID and GPS technology. The compliance with data protection is safeguarded just as employee and personal rights are protected. The data are scalable and can be viewed and displayed clearly for authorised persons, such as the management and works council members. Potential for savings, therefore, become quickly apparent.

Reporting depends on the individual requirements of the company and its customers. For example, it is possible to automatically generate reports on daily and weekly travel, tolls and downtimes. Our telematics system provides accurate, factual data and ongoing reporting so that potential savings can be quickly identified and implemented. The reporting functions, in particular, can be used to optimise fleet management and create transparency for dispatchers, for example, in the preparation of detailed invoices for customers.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Sustainability is becoming increasingly more important in business. For one thing, there are the EU directives and national environmental laws to consider. And for another, it is up to everyone to do their part – climate change affects us all. Some employers even get their employees involved through a green car policy. Such policies stipulate, for example, that a company car may not exceed a certain limit on CO2.

With our fleet management technology, not only can you measure and reduce wear and tear, fuel consumption and other vehicle costs, you can also monitor CO2 emissions. Environmental friendliness doesn't mean sacrificing cost efficiency. The two go hand in hand! We know this first-hand –  our company is certified for carbon neutrality.

In order to boost fleet efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, it's often wise to invest in electric vehicles. This is especially the case when the purchase of electric vehicles is subsidised by the state, for example, through the current purchase premium (in Germany). One of the things our fleet efficiency analysis reveals is how you personally could potentially benefit from e-mobility. The average cost savings for fleet management are around 25 percent. In addition, battery management is part of our range of services.

Independence from Brand Name Manufacturers

VISPIRON GmbH is an independent company that provides engineering services and develops customised technologies and innovations of the highest quality for various businesses and organisations from all different sectors.

The company has been run by the company’s founder, Amir Roughani, since 2002. Our independence and quality products, coupled with our commitment to social and ecological causes, have earned us a fantastic reputation at home and abroad both as an employer and as a high tech company.

Optimising Fleet Management and Cutting Costs

Our web-based fleet management system combines three primary components of management: Vehicle management - business process management - HR management. This gives rise to additional synergy effects in areas such as driver and employee training.

Plus, our modular telematics technology allows us to combine two normally conflicting characteristics: Individual requirements and a holistic approach. You can receive a consultation and information on the subject of fleet management from us free and at no obligation. Our CARSYNC fleet management experts are waiting to hear from you.

Whether you are looking to

  • expand or replace your existing vehicle fleet,
  • switch over to a web-based telematics system,
  • increase your emphasis on electric cars,
  • reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and wear and tear,
  • digitise traffic fines, insurance and claims management or
  • optimise vehicle scheduling,

no matter what concerns you or your customers have: We have the solution!

Call us now for a free consultation and an individual quote, and see how you, too, can cut down on fleet costs!