Ideas and innovations for the future

Our ideas and innovations demonstrate our engineering competence in the world of mechatronics. In this way we can also prove the viability of future product and service business models. Our CarSync-Update and titanium bicycle are just two examples of very promising products we have developed.


VCU - Visualized Control Unit - The app for mobile initial analysis of vehicles

VISPIRON, in close collaboration with one of the leading automotive manufacturers, has developed the VCU app for vehicle diagnostics. The tool records preselected signals for any given BUS system in the vehicle and transmits the data by W-LAN. The results can be displayed on any mobile device (tablet, smart phone).

The app can be made available both for iOS and Android operating interfaces and works irrespective of the vehicle manufacturer. VCU allows for a straightforward, fast initial diagnostics, geared to match customer specifications. Flexible evaluation parameters can be developed according to the customer's wishes.

Adaptive City Mobility – a programme of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)


As part of the technology programme ICT for electric mobility, the BMWi promotes selected research and development activities and pilot tests. Holistic concepts for the accelerated development and widespread use of electric mobility are supported. The technology programme is embedded in the Federal Government's national development plan for electric mobility (NEP). This  provides the framework for future technological developments and the targeted introduction of electric vehicles in Germany.

VISPIRON is the project coordinator of the research project "Adaptive City Mobility", funded through the Federal Ministry by approximately 6 million EUR. It includes the development of a city e-taxi with intelligent user software and innovative battery system. The aim is to use a small, low cost e-vehicle to replace conventional vehicles in large cities and to demonstrate the potential of electric mobility.




CarSync-Update is a unique, patented software update system for updating software and datasets in all vehicle ECUs to the most current version. The update process is done wirelessly  and as such without the necessity for visiting a garage.

The software update system transfers data via broadcast und uses transmission technologies with existing infrastructures (e.g. radio broadcast), to achieve the greatest coverage possible.

The software for the individual components is customized, encrypted and signed before it os broadcast, making it safe from manipulation and ensuring that only authorized vehicles can receive the data.

Every vehicle can permanently monitor the current version of software and data and carry out an update on its own, whenever required. The process is designed to ensure that vehicle functionality is at no time impaired.

The software update system CarSync-Update is an innovative solution for the automobile and commercial transport vehicle industries. It builds on tested technologies and solid experience. Software updates can thus be done in the vehicle in a customer-friendly and highly efficient manner.


Built upon the idea of one of our employees, we completed the first prototype of the Everything from design, development and simulation to production and painting was done at VISPIRON.

The bicycle was tested in the bicycle laboratory of the Technische Universität München and is available in three frame sizes (S/M/L) and in three configurations (medium/advanced/high-end).

In 2011 we also developed a titanium mountain bike, available in the frame sizes 26", 27" and 29".

Automotive Flash Pro (AFP)

The areas of application for this piece of software range from test preparation to vehicle inspections.

With a large selection of flash functions and automated logging, the system efficiently checks that the most up-to-date hard and software versions are installed. This caters to the need for reliable and extremely short test cycles and cost-effective test preparation during vehicle testing.


Automotive MK-SIM


The "MK-SIM" software package was developed to execute individual programs in a simulation environment. It simulates commands and execution units of micro-controllers (e.g. Freescale MPC5553/4), and as such exclusively processor cores. In other words, the part of the micro-controller responsible for executing code generated by a C compiler is tested.

Automotive TAC-TAM


This tool was specifically designed for analyzing test results from vehicle trials.

It analyzes and evaluates the traces of CheckControl messages generated during trials after the fact. Specific errors or the entire Trace Analyzer CheckControl trial run can be analyzed in real time.

The clearly presented diagnostic messages will reduce your analysis effort significantly and contribute to boosts in efficiency and cost optimization during the trial process. 

VCU - Visualized Control Unit

App for mobile initial analysis of vehicles

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