VISPIRON is among Germany's "Top 75 Engineering Service Providers".

We provide engineering services for innovative electrical, electronic and mechatronic systems in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, environmental technology, telecommunication and medical technology industries.

Concerning sub and overall projects, our customers order the implementation of development projects that range across the entire product creation chain.

We present our innovation prowess in the Ideas and Innovations section.



VISPIRON is a development partner of manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry. Our engineers provide you with electrics/electronics expertise in the fields of ECU development, testing and system integration.

We assume across-the-board project and quality management projects to ensure production runs meet time, quality and cost goals.


We have extensive experience with aerospace norms and accompany our customers over the long term in the development of safety-relevant embedded systems. As a development partner, our engineers provide electrics and electronics solutions for civil aviation.

With this wealth of competence, VISPIRON can provide comprehensive services at all stages of the V Model with quick availability and absolute reliability.

Environmental Technology

A reliable and economical photovoltaic plant requires a competent partner in all development stages and throughout its lifecycle. With its wealth of technical and business competence in the field of photovoltaics, VISPIRON fits the bill. Together with our strategic partner DEKRA Inspection Services, we provide our customers seamless quality assurance and investment security throughout the entire development and operation process power plants.

communications technology

Modern telecommunications media have become a significant part of our work and personal lives. And everyday new innovations appear, e.g. in the fields of mobility and networking. With in-depth knowledge and long-term experience in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and radio technology, VISPIRON is in a unique position to actively contribute to these processes.

Medical Technology

In the field of medical technology, the engineering competence of VISPIRON creates technical solutions that improve diagnostics, care and therapy – and in that way ensures the rehabilitation of patients and improves their life quality.

Ideas and innovations

Ideas and innovations play a key role at VISPIRON. This also means that we investigate the viability and success chances of innovative product ideas brought forth by our employees. When the results are positive, we don't waste any time in bringing the new ideas to life.