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Download - ROTEC software and updates




Licencing of ROTEC Software
A licence file is required for activating the ROTEC software.  Individual licence files are required for each measurement computer and for each workstation (including USB dongles). In order to generate a licence file the program MakePIDFile.exe needs to be executed. This program generates a so-called  PID File which must then be e-mailed to us at Rotec. In return, you will receive an appropriate licence file – assuming your software maintenance is valid for the current year.

NOTE: Adherence to the procedure described above is not essential. However, we suggest you follow this procedure in order to ensure proper functioning of the software directly after its installation. Otherwise, you may go through the automatic licencing procedural steps during installation of the ROTEC software.

LicencingMakePIDFile_EN.exe (approx. 110 kB)

ActiveX Viewer
Important: This ActiveX Viewer does not need to be installed on PCs on which the ROTEC software is already installed! If the ROTEC software is not installed and the user wishes to edit the Graphics Page (e.g. in a MS Word document), then the installation program below needs to be downloaded:

ROTEC Graphics ActiveX dated 25th October 2019 (Only for computers without ROTEC software)RGraphAX_7.5.3.msi (approx. 6.2 MB)