Active involvement in our society to make a positive impact is very important to VISPIRON as a company. In this context we focus on the development of own projects and fostering local institutions.

The German-Iranian Cancer League

The German-Iranian Cancer League is committed to helping cancer patients in Iran. Because of his Iranian background, Amir Roughani, CEO of VISPIRON GmbH, was happy to assume the patronage of the health campaign "5 per Day" of the German-Iranian Cancer League. VISPIRON continues to support the association by sponsoring and annual charity golf cup and by providing consulting services in IT and marketing.


Munich Cemetery Service for Needy Seniors

With the Munich Cemetery Service, VISPIRON supports seniors who, out of financial or health reasons, are not able to visit the final resting places of their beloved ones on a regular basis. Free of charge, our volunteer drivers pick up the seniors at home and accompany them during their visit to the cemetery. Not least because of the trust that develops between our drivers and the seniors, our service for older people in Munich has become an important part of many older people's lives in Munich.

Deutsche Sporthilfe (German Sports Aid)

As curator of Deutsche Sporthilfe, VISPIRON supports the promotion of athletes in Germany. The funds are directed, inter alia, at training aid, loss of earnings, training camps, or catch-up lessons that serve the reconciliation of competitive sports and professional training. 3,800 top and young athletes from 50 different sports in Germany are dependent on this funding.

KIKUS - Centre for Childhood Multilingualism e.V.

KIKUS stands for ‘Children in Cultures and Languages’. It primarily supports children from migratory backgrounds in preparing linguistically for primary school. KIKUS includes their first language in all areas, thus promoting dialogue and respect between languages and cultures.

VISPIRON supports KIKUS in the form of donations and projects.

Jane Goodall Institute

Fostering respectful treatment of people, animals and nature lies at the heart of the work. Building on the revolutionary insight of Dr. Jane Goodall regarding chimpanzees of Gombe, the institute is committed to comprehensive nature and species preservation, education for sustainable development and global development cooperation.

Jane Goodall recognized early on that the diverse and constantly growing threats for chimpanzees and other primates require modern species protection that consider social and economic aspects of the local population, as well as global aspects.

VISPIRON supports the Jane Goodall Institute not only financially, but also collaborates in projects for sustainable energy harvesting around the globe.

Salberghaus Putzbrunn

The Salberghaus in Munich-Putzbrunn is a development therapeutic center for infants and children up to 10 years of age. As a partner of the Youth Welfare Office, it provides a variety of in-patient and out-patient programs, treatment, support, fostering and help. In close collaboration with the parents, reuniting children with their families lies at the heart of the institute's work.

VISPIRON supports the Salberghaus by way of regularly held fund-raising campaigns.

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V-4 TALENTS is a program initiated by VISPIRON to foster talented and highly motivated children and youths with a disadvantaged social background in sports. The commitment will be expanded to include professional orientation in the mid-term. The aim is to build up a long-term fostering program that will enable the participants to later pass on what they have learned themselves. The idea stems from the background of Amir Roughani (CEO of VISPIRON GmbH): As a 14 year old pupil in Berlin-Neukölln he had the good fortune to be discovered as a young talent in bowling. The athletic fostering played a central role in his integration and to the acquisition of social values. Today he is in a position that allows him to pass on his experiences to other youths. He wants to encourage them because his own personal history proves that, even in the absence of a solid foundation, achieving lofty goals is quite possible for people with own initiative and motivation.


VISPIRON is a supporting member of Germany's most successful research organisation. Currently, 83 Max-Planck institutes and establishments are conducting basic research in natural sciences, life science, humanities and social sciences. They are deeply involved in spheres of research which are particularly innovative and require special resources in terms of time or money.

For VISPIRON, it was crucial that the society be involved in renewable energy. Collaboration with large energy trading companies was also a primary focus, as well as contact with promising companies in the field of renewable energy.