By consistently following our visions and being absolutely determined to always achieve our maximum potential, VISPIRON has become a big name in high tech. Our company stands on the four pillars – VISION, mission, company goals and company values. These pillars define what we wish to achieve through our service offerings and how we aim to go about it. They also determine how we interact with co-workers, customers, partners and our environment.

VISION - Engineering a better world
Our products and services contribute to a sustainable and just world – a world worth living in.

In order to achieve our vision, we develop innovative solutions and services with long-term benefits to people and the environment.

We have set ambitious goals for ourselves with regard to business success and sustainability. Value-creating growth in keeping with our social and ecological goals is at the core of VISPIRON's ambitions. These goals can be observed based on the key figures "employee satisfaction", "ecological and social goals", "growth and profitability" and "innovation and infrastructure".

We work hard, but we play fair. For us, compliance with regulations and legal obligations is something that goes without saying. We respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of all our employees. Respecting human rights is a basic condition, just as the rejection of all forms of forced labour and child labour. We protect and preserve the health of our employees using a comprehensive list of measures which extends far beyond the work station.

Our basic philosophy:

  • Our employees form the foundation of our success, making them our biggest asset
  • The pursuit of customer satisfaction shapes our thinking and our actions
  • Fairness and humanity take precedent over profit
  • Successful partnerships are built through "give and take"
  • Continuously developing and refining our know-how creates added value for our customers
  • Our goal is to deliver top quality and measurable results

Our guiding principle:

  • There is a solution.
    Ambition and creativity, combined with team spirit and free-flowing communication, enable our employees to find practical solutions, even in seemingly impossible situations.
  • SOUL
    Solutions are our business. The better the solution, the happier our customers. And we create the best solutions by being Open to ideas and people. We welcome anyone who brings curiosity, Unity and drive to our company. People who Love their work. Who love it so much, that they really enjoy what they do. People who don't look for problems, but for solutions.