Geschäftsführer Amir Roughani

Throughout all the success he has had in life, Amir Roughani has never forgotten his roots and the difficulties he has had to overcome. His entrepreneurial spirit, his ambition and his determination are a distinguishing mark of his character. Community involvement has played an important role for Amir Roughani. As someone who knows what he is talking about, Amir is easily accepted by groups on the social margins and uses this ability for his initiative, "V-4TALENTS". Through the initiative, VISPIRON and Amir Roughani support talented and motivated kids and teens from deprived backgrounds and enable them to practice "their own" sport.

Other examples of social involvement are described in the following:


Conference Building Berlin


In June 2014, Amir Roughani was accepted as a member of the advisory board on the issues of small and medium-sized businesses and professional services (SME Advisory Board) with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The committee is concerned with the position and prospects of small and medium-sized businesses and professional services. It advises the federal minister on issues resulting from the structural changes in the domestic and global economy and as their effects on small and medium-sized business. In addition, it analyses the influence of current economic policies on the economic situation of small and medium-sized businesses. The committee is made up of individuals who are particularly qualified for such a task, based on their practical professional activity and their specialised experience in issues related to small and medium-sized business policy.

Bavarian Economic Advisory Council

Member of the Bavarian Economic Advisory Council

Since 2015, Amir Roughani has been a member of the Bavarian Economic Advisory Council. The employers' organisation, founded in 1948 with headquarters in Munich, represents the interests of around 1,800 members - entrepreneurs, executives from the business community, representatives of the liberal professions and internationally active large enterprises and medium-sized businesses from all over Bavaria. The aim of the political dialogue is to improve the economic conditions in the state, the country and the European Union.


Key protagonist in the film documentary "Power to Change - The Energy Rebellion"

Amir Roughani appears as the key protagonist in the film documentary "Power to Change - The Energy Rebellion", in which his personal convictions and insights are its core message: We can organise our energy on a local scale, and can provide Germany with 100% renewable energy. Energy transition is possible! For Amir Roughani renewable energy is not just the solution to climate change: "With renewables we will achieve even greater peace, justice and local value added for mankind. Economic growth must be based on sustainable foundations. Otherwise, it will end up in an ecological and economic dead end. The problems of our planet will not be solved with the mindset that created them; a real change in thinking is absolutely essential."


Project Earth

Project Earth

13 participants from different countries, among them Amir Roughani, start out on what will surely be the most exciting expedition of their lives. The "Project Earth" environmental campaign was initiated by Opel, in cooperation with environmental organisations such as the WWF, the Jane Goodall Institute, the Costeau Society and the Rainforest Foundation. The team travelled for three weeks to the four most endangered ecosystems in the world in order to live there and work with scientists, specialists and local environmental protection organisations. After each phase, a local project was selected for long-term support from the Project Earth foundation. The expedition started in Tanzania, went on to the Canadian Arctic and then to Ensenada and San Felipe in Mexico. In the last phase of the trip, the team made its way to the rainforest in Panama.

Entrepreneur Talk

Entrepreneur Talk

Whenever he has time, Amir Roughani accepts invitations from educational institutions to come and talk about his personal path. As a role model, he wishes to motivate young people and encourage them in their aspirations. As one example, he appeared as a guest at the Entrepreneur Talk at the Ostfalia School for Applied Sciences, where he spoke on his path and his experiences as an entrepreneur.



Amir Roughani was one of the speakers at the 8th annual Intercultural Congress in Passau. In addition to professionals, top-level diplomats and EU politicians attended the event to discuss issues and trends in international management. The main focus was on unusual perspectives, new demands and benchmarks for global cooperation.

Rotary International Logo

Rotary Club Munich-Lehel

Amir Roughani was one of the founding members of the Munich-Lehel Rotary Club. Rotary is devoted to various projects in Munich and the surrounding area, but is also active around the world. For example, they assist victims of natural disasters and support environmental and health care projects.




Following the example of a similar service in Cologne, Amir Roughani established a cemetery service. The cemetery service - Munich (FSM) is a free transportation service for people who need help in order to visit the cemetery. This service is provided by VISPIRON on a voluntary basis.


Amir Roughani wins Entrepreneur of the Year for 2014 (German)


"Diversity as opportunity" TV-spot for the government (German)

Vor Ort: Die Reportage

Vor Ort: reporting on Amir Roughani (German)