Amir Roughani - The Entrepreneur

Amir Roughani has been distinguished many times for his achievements, both as a person and as an entrepreneur. In addition to encouraging healthy growth of his business sectors, he believes it is important to accept responsibility for our society and the environment. The challenges he faced were difficult. Through discipline and personal initiative, he has now become a model example of successful integration and entrepreneurship

"The problems of our planet will not be solved through the same ways of thinking that created them. It will require a new mindset" - vision and goals

100% renewable energy - can be achieved in Germany by 2030, in Europe by 2050 and worldwide by 2060.

In renewable resources, I see not only a solution to climate change. It's also going to help us create more peace and justice for people and boost local economies. Economic growth must be based on sustainable foundations. Otherwise, it will end up in an ecological and economic dead end.

BR alpha-Forum, Interview Amir Roughani

BR alpha-Forum,
Interview Amir Roughani

Der neue Film von Carl-A. Fechner

Der neue Film
von Carl-A. Fechner

Interview mit Amir Roughani im WDR zum Kino-Dokumentarfilm Power to Change

Interview zum Film
"Power to Change"

Entrepreneur des Jahres 2014

Entrepreneur des
Jahres 2014

Eins zu Eins. Der Talk

Eins zu Eins. Der Talk

Vielfalt als Chance

Vielfalt als Chance